Mentoring Services

Mentoring works best when you work with someone who can help you reduce the complex to the simple. This is often something you cannot do on your own and an objective and balanced view makes all the difference. In today's environment they should also have Passion for Customers and a Marketing Orientation. They must also be able to translate Marketing ideas into Sales. View my cutting edge Marketing Qualification.

 A good Mentor is someone who has as much passion for your business and a desire for it to succeed as you do. They don't work in your business but what they critically do is believe in you when you find that difficult to do yourself.

In addition the providing feedback, advice and sound judgement, they offer what's in your best interest now based on your current state and stage of Business Development. Read about Alasdar's unique skills as a Business Mentor

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Execution Quotient- A mixture of Self Assessment and 360 degree feedback to rate yourself against state of the art 21st Century Leadership critieria.

Executive Coaching- The most successful people be able to Set and Achieve Goals. This is an excellent and easy to use goal setting template.

                            Chartered Marketer




"Alasdar Browne has undertaken a range of both Leadership Development and 1 to 1   Performance Coaching assignments as an associate for Harmonics. He has designed and delivered some of the modules of a highly successful Strategic Leadership Development for Senior Management clients for a major Dublin city centre Teaching Hospital. His high quality interventions have consistently received excellent feedback from our clients. He's especially skilled at taking concepts and models and tailoring their usefulness to be practical for clients. He's highly creative and resourceful and brings a lot of humour and fun to his work. I would highly recommend Alasdar as he always goes the extra mile for us and adds much to our success in large projects."

John Fitzgerald-Managing Director, Harmonics


"Alasdar has a unique Mentoring approach when dealing with business problems. You always feel he's on your side and understands the real issues and what new skills are needed for the business to do this on it's own. He's been great at getting us to step back and see the bigger picture. He does this by a combination of listening and asking the right questions. He helped our business decide on it's top priorities and stay focused on them to increase our top line sales performance. Working with Alasdar we have accomplished things that otherwise may never have been achieved. It's not that we are working harder, just smarter. We strongly recommend him."

John Brennan and Kevin Coffey - Directors Connect IT

Connect IT

"Alasdar has tremendous Coaching ability and excellent people skills. He has excellent business skills and very sound judgement. He has 2 unique and stand-out skills: Brilliant ability as a Coach and his understanding of how Leadership impacts Business performance. His top 3 characteristics are: 
1. Impeccable personal integrity with strong team Values
2. Commitment to delivery of the end goal through Customer Focus
3. Ability to build and sustain high quality Relationships with key people. He's thoroughly professional in his work and is also a lot of fun to work with. I would  have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking high quality solutions and a long-term partnering approach."

Santi Cursaro
ex-Global head of J&J Medical

Johnson & Johnson